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One-Day Workshop:
September 17th, 2014



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Sebastian Osswald

Sebastian Loehmann

The effort to push the electric vehicle development worldwide is continuously rising. Production sites for electric vehicle components are built, billions are invested to create new battery electric vehicle concepts (BEV) and new players are entering the market. The information systems of electric vehicles (EVIS) need to cope with a variety of new features that are related to changes of vehicle components and driving behavior, but also with changes and new systems that are silently introduced into the vehicles. Sustainability, mobility concepts and smart mobility are just a few points out of many that can be attributed to the "silent" category. With this workshop, we continue to bring together researchers, designers and practitioners to explore the related field and generate a state of the art perspective on EVIS.

We consider electric vehicle information systems (EVIS) as an inclusive term that encompasses encounters and intersections between interior design and information system design. In this respect, we invite papers that present and discuss novel contributions to electric vehicle user interfaces both on a practical and theoretical level and that further our understanding of the field through case studies, design approaches, and best practices.

This workshop addresses the following issues to define the grand challenges for EVIS design and development: