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September 17th, 2014



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Sebastian Osswald

Sebastian Loehmann

EVIS - Electric Vehicle Information Systems

Sustainability has become one of the key factors for car manufacturers worldwide. Electric vehicles (EVs) are clean, quiet, efficient, and offer a great opportunity to keep our environment healthy. High effort has been put into new technologies, materials and infrastructure. Though, little research has been done on in-vehicle information systems (IVIS) to fit the needs of EV drivers. We will discuss how electric vehicle information systems (EVIS) and car interiors can be designed to meet challenges inherent in the development process of electric vehicles like e.g. range anxiety, energy recovery/recharging or automated driving. The goal of the workshop will be a summary of the Grand Challenges of EVIS.

In the first EVIS workshop at AutoUI 2012, we identified characteristic properties of EVs, which have an influence on future interfaces and interactions (e.g. range and battery properties, safety of and trust in the new technology, user experience while interacting with EVIS, driving behavior of EVs, etc.) With this second workshop, we further extend the network of researchers, designers or practitioners of the design space. We invite participants to share their approaches to overcome the barriers that still keep the adoption of electric vehicles on a low level. We will work towards a meaningful research agenda, showing the Grand Challenges of EVIS. With the help of this agenda, we hope to encourage the community to discuss the need to move away from simply adopting state of the art vehicles with combustion engines towards new EVIS concepts with their forms of interactions considering the special needs of EV drivers.

The characteristics of electric vehicles are manifold and affect a wide range of different topics. To understand the requirements and needs of EV drivers, the following topics require special attention in the design and development process:

Submissions are invited on the following topics:

Please submit one of the following (1 or 2) by August 6th, 2014 to

  1. A position paper in the the SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format with a length of two to four pages that describes a key concern regarding the defined area of interest.
  2. An URL linking to a digital documentation of a novel system, application or service that gives a particular view on EVIS. This should be accompanied by a descriptive paper with a maximum length of two pages in the SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format.
Papers will be reviewed by multiple members of a program committee consisting of experts in the area of automotive user interface research and engineering.